Doors Of Light | The Awakening Has Begun
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A Clear Message

The message of my book is to free people from the illusions of life and to help them understand how they create their own reality, in order to empower them. In my opinion, there is no book on the market today that goes into such depth and delivers such a clear message.


The Book

This dynamic book shows you how to create a life of Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Good Health, and Abundance in every form. To remain steadfast in spite of what appears to be, because you have the power to change any situation.

The Author

Rev. Dr. Trenayce Talbert, DD has been an ordained Metaphysical Minister since 2001. She spent the first five years of her ministry exclusively focused on taking the message of Healing and Transformation to maximum and minimum security prisons for men.

Why I Wrote The Book

I have known that I was going to write this book since I was 19 years old. I was guided intuitively throughout the entire writing process, which was over a 2 year period.

Buy The Book

I hope to change the world, one reader at a time. The process may be slow, but eventually the message will spread and if it takes another hundred years, the world will be a better place.